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Dialogue with stakeholders

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Communication is an important part of the CSR management model in the OHL Group. The company generates yearly a significant number of publications and contents designed to share its efforts in creating value from the business for all of its stakeholders.

This supply of information is aligned with the demands detected by OHL through its initiatives of direct dialog with its stakeholders. In this scope, there are both permanent forums as well as other specific surveying actions taken by OHL each year for the purpose of meeting the expectations of these groups with respect to the information they require about the company.

In this way, OHL avails itself of a system of contact, follow-up and exchange of information that enables it –at the same time as it answers and responds to the queries of its stakeholders- to take in their contributions for progressing and improving the business and the CSR management strategy.

The OHL Group is trying to maintain and improve its communication channel structure and dialogue with its interest groups, in order to obtain relevant  information from its surroundings that may help it improve its business performance.

OHL has various direct channels in force, to include the corporate website of the Group, its divisions and subsidiaries, its corporate Intranet, Annual Report and other publications.

The Group also has other specific communication channels for its main interest groups

  • Employees
  • Client
  • Shareholders and investors
  • Suppliers
  • Society