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Since May 2017, the Appointments and Remuneration Committee has assumed the functions on Corporate Social Responsibility, which, since 2010, had been assumed by the Audit and Compliance Committee, and through which the CSR Policy of the Group is promoted and followed up.

The Sustainability Committee is chaired by the CEO of the Group. This Committe is the senior delegate management body entrusted with coordinating sustainability policies and strategies.

The Committee gathers at least twice a year, in order to evaluate any progress made in CSR matters, to detect new opportunities for improvement and to evaluate supervision of ongoing objectives and, if necessary, to establish new ones.

The CSR Service, integrated into the Human Resources and Organization Department, defines and implements the strategic plans of the OHL Group in this area. To do so, the Service is supported on a multidisciplinary team of professionals organized in a decentralized and international structure. Since 2015, this structure provides the support necessary for the implementation and monitoring of the CSR Strategic Plan 2015-2020.

CSR is integrated into OHL's business management as a way of doing business based on the generation of value for the company and its stakeholders. For this reason, the CSR in the Group is managed horizontally, across all of the areas and on all of the levels of the organization.