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Mission and strategy

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The mission of the OHL Group is to create value in conditions of economic, social and environmental sustainability while addressing the specific interests of its investors and clients interested in it performing successfully. 

Since as far back as 2003, the OHL Group has maintained a public and voluntary commitment to sustainable development, which is materialized through its policy of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the set of rules and processes that form the foundations of the management model of the company in this matter. The commitment of the group with the creation of economic value, social and environmental where it operates is shared by all of the organization’s employees. It has its most concrete expression in the membership of the company to a set of guidelines of action led by major organizations and initiatives international related to this matter.

Action guidelines of the OHL Group in terms of CSR:

  • Adopt the most stringent requirements of good governance and corporate ethics
  • Exercise due diligence to ensure compliance, promotion and dissemination of human rights
  • Foster a safe, motivational and integral working environment for employees to ensure diversity and equal opportunities
  • Strive to achieve the highest levels of safety and health for employees and contractors
  • Measure and reduce the environmental footprint and conserve ecosystems
  • Innovation and excellence to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients
  • Integrate ethical, social and environmental considerations into our projects and business processes and minimize risks
  • Transmit the values, principles and commitments of the Group to our supply chain
  • Support innovative social action programs and promote corporate volunteering
  • Establish transparent, clear and close relationships with stakeholders and report annually on our ethical, social and environmental performance