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Energy, Air Quality and Climate Change

The OHL Group is firmly committed to fighting against climate change, to participating in the transition towards an energy-efficient and low-carbon economy and to improving the air quality of cities.

The proper energy management is the key to achieving an energy-efficient and low-carbon economy.

LogosOn the other hand OHL undertakes mitigation measures in order that the global warming does not exceed 1.5ºC and to have a healthy air quality. Moreover, it works on adaptation measures against climate change risks and impacts for itself and its clients.

This approach positions OHL among the world leaders in Climate Change. The Group is present in the CDP A Lists for the Climate Change Program and Supplier Climate Program since 2015, and has the triple label: Calculation+Reduce+Offset of the Spanish Climate Change Office.

Strategic lines of action of the OHL Group:

  • Development of products and services that facilitate to comply with the commitments made in 2015 (the Paris Agreement)
  • Awareness and training of employees and others partners
  • Prevention of air pollution by controlling particulate material, noise and gas emissions in contracts and services
  • Initiatives to reduce pollutant gases emissions into the atmosphere, encourage the use of clean energy and use the most energy-efficient available technology
  • Monitoring the Group's greenhouse gas emissions
  • Research, development and innovation on fixing pollutant, renewable energy and energy efficiency of buildings and infrastructures
  • Communication, support and participation in external initiatives

Download the last GHG Emission Report of the OHL Group

Uso Energia Solar

Use of solar energy to power noise and dust measurement equipment at Doha Metro (Qatar). Awarded with the 2nd Accesit of the Environmental Award of the Group OHL 2014